Be The Light

To be a lightworker in this world, it is of utmost importance I am not scared of the dark.

More than this, I am not scared to face my own darkness (something unavoidable on the healing path!)

THIS is what I've been working on, both consciously & unconsciously, over the past few years.

We can be sure there is darkness in this world, and weaving its' way in and around humans. We simply cannot deny it.

There is real sickness.

It's hard to witness, and process sometimes.

It can be overwhelming!

I often wonder what came first, humans or darkness?!🤣

But of course I know darkness is simply energy, and thus it can neither be created nor destroyed.

Darkness is palpable.

It exists in the borders that divide us.

It exists in discrimination and prejudice.

It exists in war.

It exists in deforestation.

It exists in judgement and hate.

Darkness is invisible to most of us, because it is actually energy. Just as is light, and love!

While we may not personally contribute to most or perhaps any of the above, in truth we cannot dissociate entirely from any darkness that exists, if we (as we know we are) are all connected. It's both terrifying and truly freeing to acknowledge this.

No one is free from darkness, from


For those of us aware/conscious, knowing darkness exists in the eye-watering ways it does, is utterly traumatic. It feels non-sensical. So much so, many of us pretend it's not happening.

Or we just feel so totally helpless, it's easier to ignore it. I've definitely felt that.

I can barely watch the "news".

So what can we do?

Just one tiny little person?

How can we make a difference?


Firstly, know we are far from helpless.

The most incredibly generous gift for our world is healing ourselves🌟

And thus, becoming a brighter light in the darkness.