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Connecting To The Medicine Found In Stillness💫

Those of you who have attended any ceremonies with me over the past few years will know I am an advocate of stillness.

It has become increasingly clear just how important it is to be in stillness, both in and out of ceremony.

Stillness is a feminine energy/action of inaction, we have become so disconnected from, collectively. Stillness is deeply honouring - the self, nature, and Spirit. It is in stillness we awaken our receptivity, to all that is meant for us.

We have been living in the masculine energies of "doing" and "achieving" for such a long time that it actually feels uncomfortable to be in stillness, for many of us.

The stillness I speak of is meditative - and involves going inwards, to create conscious connection, to become the gentle enquirer, to observe, to listen, and to be.

The stillness we are perhaps more familiar & comfortable with is with when we have external influence - like reading a book, watching TV, drawing... etc.

Although these things can be meditative, and nourishing in ways - they actually require us to tune out, rather than in...

I never knew of my negative relationship with stillness until my first studio yoga class many moons ago - such a nerve-racking experience in itself - but when it came to savasana I had one eye open, looking at the clock!🙈

Why was I in a rush for it to be over?

Why couldn't I be present and simply enjoy relaxation?! It felt alien.

Seemingly I didn't even know what it was to surrender! I recall the first time a teacher came to push my shoulders down, my reaction was to push back!

I had no idea I was so controlling🤣

I also used to have a feeling of... "if i'm not actively doing something then I am not achieving anything or progressing in any way"!

How wrong I was.

Whatever happened to "being" the human being?

I now know/remember the magick of stillness. The connection it offers me to myself, my body, my breath, and to all that is greater than me.

It is during moments of stillness we can truly connect, and find presence.

It is within moments of stillness we can receive wisdom & downloads from source/spirit. In fact, much of the wisdom I have remembered has not come from books or trainings - but from source... when within stillness.

Before books and trainings, this was one of the few ways we could learn. And for me, a more natural process.

To open any ceremony I always invite stillness for a good chunk of time, for me it is utterly important. Not only does it enable us to stop for potentially the first time that day, and prepare us for the ceremony, but it also invites us to explore our relationship with stillness, which is so closely connected to our relationship with receiving.

Oftentimes it is our bodies' which prevent us being in stillness for periods of time - a gentle nudge for us to move more regularly, perhaps in a way we resist.

Sometimes the discomfort is mental - our mind races, and/or takes us to uncomfortable places...

So staying busy & distracted feels somewhat safer.

If you struggle in stillness, you will likely struggle in ceremony. Just as you may struggle in practices like Yin Yoga.

It can draw what feels like impatience to surface... but I have found impatience to be deeply connected to un-ease, and thus unhealed trauma.

However, that which we resist... we need the most. So the invitation is always to go into the stillness.

Go to the ceremony. Go to yin.

Feel impatience rise. Sit with it. Allow frustration, anger... whatever it is that lies there. Feel it all.

A continued practice will take you beyond where you could imagine... beyond presence, beyond this physical plane.

In-to and out-of body.

In connection with the collective consciousness, the source of all wisdom, and the other world - your home, your guides, your higher-self, those you have loved and lost, your ancestors... the abyss, and the light!

It is here in stillness you will actually RECEIVE the most.

What is your relationship with stillness?🌟

Exercise// Action of Inaction:

Find a quiet place to sit in stillness, in a position you find relatively comfortable for 20-30 minutes (or more if it feels right)... Scan your body to become aware of how it feels, become conscious of your breath and perhaps begin to deepen and lengthen with each round, and then allow yourself to simply be...

- Where does your mind go?

- Allow whatever is there to surface. Write it down... Be with it. Journey with it.

- Do this every day & soon you will go far beyond the mind...

Let us awaken all parts of us. Let us awaken the true divine feminine within us all - let us receive the medicine found in stillness.

With bundles of love,


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