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Light Language, Ancestral Healing & Clearing The Ego

I feel compelled to share my journey and some of my experiences with light language, so far - despite knowing I am still fairly close to the beginning of what I know will be a life-long journey.

I share partly to raise awareness, partly in faith I activate the remembering of others. And partly to provoke trust in the magic that is...

As a teacher of healing I believe it so important to share my story of growth as one. I have not always been so aware, and connected. The process to becoming has taken a huge amount of shedding & unlearning.

Light language began surfacing through my hands some time ago, and this year it has started coming through my voice.

I have been guided to understand that behind your greatest fear, is your greatest tool. One of my greatest fears throughout life has been using my voice. I believe a huge part of my mission was/is to heal the blockage within my throat chakra - that exists also within my ancestors & living family.

I have also been guided to understand that we only truly understand the importance & significance of things upon looking back. Helpful I know...🤣

I now see how this (/everything!) has been piecing together the tapestry to remembering ...

When I started my healing journey years ago, my right arm would often go numb when I received energy healing... this happened for a long while, and then something strange started happening. I began twitching involuntarily in various parts of my body (a common side effect of healing), but it was much more pronounced in my right hand. To the point of WEIRD.

This twitching turned to what I now know to be light language. I was essentially drawing symbols... and codes with my hand.

It became stronger & stronger & started happening more & more... and eventually it started to happen when I was sharing healings with my clients.

My hands have always moved quite freely & intuitively during sessions, but this felt different, more precise.

Something beyond my understanding, as well as my need to. It felt a remembering of sorts. Something I've always been able to channel, yet forgotten.

My partner would often awake to me channelling in my sleep - sitting up & drawing codes into thin air! At first he was a bit unnerved (understandably!) but has since witnessed the magic of it.

More recently, l began channelling light language through my voice. I wrote a little about this in a recent post on initiations... and since then, I have had many, many more.

I spoke of the universe drip feeding me at a rate I could handle, and I see that rate becoming exponential.

Perhaps it is my dedication and my devotion to the work. Perhaps the increased personal healing I have been doing...

I feel it also to have been activated by the deep womb work I have been blessed to share over the past 16 months! The womb so directly connected to our truth & purpose. Through healing and awakening others, I further heal & awaken myself. I also feel the ancestral healing training I attended in July catapulted me further towards my truth. There are no doubt an abundance of factors which have contributed to my remembering. I believe it was always meant to come...

I had heard light language a few times.

Sometimes I cried when I heard light language, as though a deep remembering sparked pain & parralleled joy.

Other times when I heard it I felt triggered, as though it was not real.

I now see this was my ego - that is, the fearful child within, scared to believe something beyond the confines of what I have been taught.

More recently I have experienced Josie sharing light language through song alongside her crystalline bowls during our Womb Awakening ceremonies & one of my teachers Liv shared the specific language of @kontomble. I feel both of these direct experiences have helped activate my own gifts.

I experienced my first voice channelling during a tantric workshop meditation.. I remember feeling quite delerious, and saying just two words I had never heard before, over & over again - albeit quietly.

It felt strange but invigorating... I became excited by it.

But after that, nothing else came for months.

I remember being called to listen to some light language while in the bath one day, and once I had released the ego I began to feel my throat begin to activate...

But the real turning point was my initiation with the star (in an earlier post) - this channelling came much more freely. I was largely out of body & in trance, while my hands travelled around scanning for blockages, and subsequently I shifted them with my hands & voice. During this occasion the language had felt quite dark & eery... not like others I had heard. I remember thinking "why is my light language so dark and scary?"

Others I had heard were so beautiful & angelic.

My ego had surfaced again!🤣

I realised I needed to practice gratitude & allow flow, no matter what was to come. Trusting this was divine & perhaps my unique offering. I hadn't realised this was just a small part of what was to come, and in part a clearing of my own voice channel.

From this initiation onwards, light language - that is, a multi-dimensional language of pure love & light - came through more & more, and has been ever-changing & growing in depth since!

However, I still felt there was a little something holding me back from allowing myself to be fully guided by it... I realised this was a fear of what people would think!

"She's gone mad!" came to mind...

Again... the ego.

I was blessed to have a session with spirit channeller Joy @psychicwarrior who cleared what was hanging on to my ego, my fearful inner child...

And low & behold, so much of what has been holding me back shifted that day, and my voice flowed with more and more freedom!

Since then, I have been sharing light language during 1-2-1 sessions, group healings & ceremonies... and it brings a new dimension, multiple new dimensions in fact, to the healing I offer.

After it first came through strongly, I made the decision not to read any books, nor to listen to anymore light language. I wanted what came through to be guided only by divine, with no interference of the mind... or the influence from the ways of another! Always my preferred way of learning.

I simply sat with it often. And allowed it to flow.

The trust that has come since is free-flowing, and has been fuelled by beautiful serendipidous pockets of confirmation from others.

For example, I had noticed I kept channelling a word which was my friends' name. So I messaged her out of interest to see if her name had meaning... She responded her name "Akhyra" means "Universal Light"... gobsmacked, I ask "And what language is that?"

"It is multi-lingual... Egyptian, Hebrew... "

Well, it's fair to say that any doubt I had was now eradicated!

During the womb clearing at our Malibu gathering, I felt myself sink into a grandmother energy with one sister, I was called to cradle her from behind & channelled what felt ancient!

I felt ancient!

During the share at the end, the lady said she had felt a grandmother energy & a love she's never felt before. She could translate the words I was saying to be calm... calm... calm.

In both masculine & feminine😍

It may not always be the way that I can't translate, but I actually feel that it is not important to do so... in fact, I almost prefer the not knowing... it makes it feel more beautiful. I feel translation could dilute the medicine. Light language speaks directly to our soul. It strengthens my faith in the not knowing and the not needing to.🙏🏼

I have also noticed that since channelling myself, some of my clients are becoming activated during healings. It has felt as though we have been bought together for a reason, to spark each others' rememberance. I know this has been the case for me, being in presence of JosieEleven Healing& LivKontomble🙏🏼

Since working more readily with light language I can feel my connection to the ancestors, and thus ancestral healing.

A life-changing offering I can't wait to share...🙏🏼

In truth, my journey with light language started in childhood, I just hadn't known it's origin, or it's significance.

A long period of unconsciousness prevailed and left me bereft of my truth & purpose.

But this period was absolutely necessary and I am so grateful for all the lessons.

I am excited to keep learning, flowing, sharing, teaching...

My mantra of the day "i am open to all that is meant for me"

Every day I feel closer to me, and more confident to be in my truth.

My mission to help guide others toward feeling the same.

With love always, Felicity🌟

Image captured at Heaven's Gate, Big Sur

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