Womb Awakening Spring Equinox Retreat

Womb Awakening 

Spring Equinox Retreat

19-23 March 2020


(Please email with interest)

Avalon Wellbeing

Broughton Hall


Join Womb Awakening (Felicity and Josie) for this beautiful immersive healing retreat held in a luxury estate in North Yorkshire over 4 nights. You will be lovingly supported to delve deep into your sacred womb space through gentle yet powerful healing modalities, rituals and practices.

The womb is possibly the least talked about organ, yet one of the most powerful. One which bridges two worlds - heaven and earth, spirit and physical. One which connects us to our wisdom, passion and pleasure. Not only does this sacred space within us have the ability to birth new life but this magical portal can create and birth our dreams into reality.

As women we can carry pain, ancestral trauma, conditioning, fear, shame and guilt within our womb space for many years or even lifetimes. These blockages sit within us, suppressing our natural energy flow, our true feminine nature, our innocence and our freedom to be ourselves.. These energetic blocks can also manifest into physical pains, symptoms and ailments within the womb space.

Many ancient traditions understood and honoured the creative power that lies within the womb, yet it seems we have become disconnected from that knowledge. Today, we rarely pay much attention to our womb other than when we experience pain or until we come to need it. This is through no fault of our own but simply a lack of education of knowledge which has slowly dissipated through generations. However, we are being called to remember the ancient wisdom that lies within our very own body, our temple. For the womb holds the key to activate and reawaken us to our deep feminine power.

Join us for this empowering and transformational healing journey to reawaken your womb space and connect to your divine feminine. We will spend 4 immersive days within the beautiful estate of Broughton Hall which is abundant in nature so we will feel truly embraced by Mother Earth throughout. The boutique cottage accommodation is surrounded by moorland, meadow pastures, rivers and lakes and the peaceful retreat space ‘Avalon’ is nestled within trees with panoramic views of the Yorkshire dales. There are energetic vortexes running through the lands and retreat space in particular and it holds a strong Mother Mary and Christ energy. The sacred energy of the lands has called us there. It truly supports this important work.

We invite you to join us on this heart opening journey to reconnect to your womb and the womb of the Divine Mother from whom all life is created. This will be a reminder of true sisterhood. Feeling safe and supported to be YOU and express your truth. Connecting to your womb, heart, body and soul on deeper levels. Releasing blockages, pains and unhealthy attachments. Creating space within to invite dreams, sacred relationships and all that your heart desires into your life. NOW is the time to remember your truth and reclaim your power sisters. The feminine is awakening on Earth. Together we will RISE.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before and all those who come after her”

Christiane Northrup 




Arrival 5.00pm Thursday 19th March 2020 

Check out 10.00am Monday 23rd March 2020 

Our retreat aligns with Spring Equinox which holds a transformational energy. After the darkness of winter where we have been going inwards, we will welcome the Sun, the light with longer and brighter days. We will cultivate the potent energy to assist the healing journey. Cleansing stagnant energy in the womb and releasing anything which is holding you back from connecting to your own light, your true power. Spring is a time of new beginnings, creativity and rebirth. It is a sacred time for you to identify the intentions you truly desire and plant the seeds so that they can manifest into your life.



Avalon Wellbeing Centre, Broughton Hall Estate, Skipton, Yorkshire BD23 3AN

Avalon is a unique building created for the purpose of exploring personal evolution. A state of the art facility to serve the inner voyage of mind, body and spirit. Situated within the idyllic 3000 acre estate of Broughton Hall on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales acting as a Sanctuary for wellbeing and earth connection. A perfect synergy for stillness, healing and peace within the whirlwind of modern life. 



4 night stay

Daily vegan brunch, afternoon snack and dinner (Thursday dinner only & Monday breakfast only)

Herbal teas, pure and infused waters, juices & elixirs

Use of luxury wellness centre (Including hydro pool, sauna, steam)

Womb Work (Boundaries, Relationships, Self-Care, Sacred Sexuality, Divine Feminine, Inner Child, Ancestral Healing, Menstrual Cycle Support, Creativity)

Womb Purifying & Cleansing

Womb Blessing Ceremony

Sound Healing

Ceremonial Cacao 

Sister Circles

Divine Feminine Flow & Embodied Movement

Light Language 

Spring Equinox Ceremony

Shamanic Yoga

Shamanic Journeying



Energy Healing

Nature Walks

Forest Bathing



This is not a yoga retreat. It is an immersive healing retreat. A safe space for you to unwind, relax and connect within through powerful practices and rituals, whilst immersed in the beauty and serenity of the Yorkshire Dales. A time for you to be held and nurtured on every level of your being so that you leave feeling completely rejuvenated in mind, body and soul. We know how important it is to have time to process and simply be on retreats, so there will be plenty of free time each day to walk in nature, get creative or relax in the divine wellness centre. Our full schedule will be a magical and love filled journey into the womb space to assist shifts in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.



You will be nourished with vegan, wholesome, high vibe food

Please let us know about any food intolerances and allergies upon booking



All guests will be staying between 2 cottages on the estate, Eden and Micklethorn. Eden is the main cottage which is within 5 mins walking distance to Avalon. Micklethorn is a smaller cottage which is a 2-3 minute drive from Avalon and Eden across the field. Ideally those with a car will stay at Micklethorn so that they could drive and assist other guests if required. Both cottages are absolutely beautiful but please let us know if you have a preference. Booking will be based on a first come, first serve basis.




Shared Twin // £850pp

Shared Double // £850pp

Private Small Single  // £1050 

Private Standard Single // £1100 

Private Double // £1250 



£250 deposit is required to secure your space please

Deposits are non-refundable

Payment plans are accepted 

Full balance must be paid by 1st March 2020

Please contact us to book your space and discuss payment plan options






The nearest train station is Skipton, Broughton Rd, Skipton BD23 1RT

Train from London Kings Cross only 3 hours (1 change in Leeds)

Taxis Fare from Skipton to Avalon £10

Taxi from Skipton to Broughton Hall is only a 10 minute duration


4-5 hours from London (traffic dependent)


Nearest Airport – Leeds Bradford

Airport Transfer Time – 40 minutes

Approx Taxi Fare - £30

Other nearby airports

1 hour from Manchester International Airport

1 hour 15 minutes from Liverpool International Airport

Please let us know if you need any assistance with booking your travel as we are more than happy to help and advise 

Please note, travel is not included so this will be the only additional cost



This offering is for women only. It is suitable for ALL women at any stage of life. You may feel particularly drawn to this if you are experiencing or have experienced disconnection to your femininity/body/sexuality/life, fertility issues, irregular menstrual cycle or menstrual pain, sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth trauma, physical imbalances in the womb such as polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids or endometriosis. 

It is important to know even if you do not have a physical womb, we all hold the energetic imprint of the womb within us so the energy can always be connected with in the same way. Womb healing can be extremely helpful if you are coming to terms with the loss of your womb, no matter how long ago it may have been. Even when we no longer have a monthly cycle our body is always connected to the cycles of nature. 




Journal and pen

Swimsuit and towel for wellness centre

White outfit for ceremony (Please note, this is not compulsory) 

Womb outfit Spring Equinox Ceremony (Orange/Reds)

Walking boots/trainers for nature walks

Refillable water bottle

Comfortable and warm clothing 

Crystals or sentimental items you wish to have with you during ceremonies or to add to the altar

Any personal musical instruments you may wish to share

Creative/art tools you may want to use in free time




Please contact Felicity at hello@ookushana.com 

if you would like to book your space or discuss any queries at all




The Workshop,
94b Harrogate Road,
Chapel Allerton,