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A Light Worker's Journey

A Deeply Healing & Activating 6-Week Journey


Remembering & Honouring Who You Are, Your Unique Purpose, Your Medicine & Your Gifts 

Healing The Wounds That Bind You

Becoming A Heart-Led Wayshower

And Living Your Dream In Abundance 


A Lightworker's Journey

With Felicity Weston




A 6-Week Course (with 1 week break) for integration (as suggested by Group 1!)

Sunday 10th January - 27th February 2021

A Deeply Healing & Activating 6-Week Journey

Remembering & Honouring Who You Are, Your Unique Purpose, Your Medicine & Your Gifts 

Healing The Wounds That Bind You

Becoming A Heart-Led Wayshower

And Living Your Dream In Abundance 

Dear Lightworker's

And yes, if you have been called to, or you have stumbled upon this page - that is exactly what you are.

Your soul has brought you here - trust that magic.

I am so happy to be sharing the second round of this life-transformative 6-week journey, after sharing it in July-August 2020

with 95 beautiful souls from all over the world.

As we continue to meander these increasingly uncertain times, I know our world is need of as many Lightworkers as possible, to remember their mission - and to shine and share their light with the world. 


It feels more important to share this work right now than ever before, as we are met with the rising of our heart & soul - leading us to consider our place in the world, and where our time and energy is best spent - so I have decided to offer the second round of this journey at a reduced rate - continuing to honour the times we are in, and in dedication to my work here on Earth: helping as many beings as possible to remember their light! 

However, this reduced rate will be available for just 14 days after release, after which it will increase to £333

(which is still a reduction from the original price!)


This course is multi-faceted, and open to all who feel called! 

Although you will be learning (remembering!), this is a healing and awakening journey - above all. 

My intention is to create the space for you to dive deep into all that you are - to connect with your soul, your higher self - and remember your purpose, your unique medicine, your gifts, and of course - your power!


The journey flows through 3 elements:

1: Journeying Into All That You Are

2. Removing The Blocks & Healing The Wounds

3. Birthing The Dream & Being In Service



*** This offering is online ***

Rituals & Classes are held Via Zoom - all are recorded & downloadable **


21 Hours with me

Plus Weekly (& Lifelong) Homework 

** Homework does not need to be handed in or “completed” in time for classes 

It is open, fluid, and ongoing… and most importantly, FOR YOU!


  • 1 Workbook a week 

The workbooks will ignite your weekly journey - offering questions to create the rising of what is needed. You will explore in your own space and time, over the week (or slowly over the entire course... and beyond!) 


  • 1 Online Zoom Class a week (Wednesday Evening 7pm - 9pm) 

Recorded for those who cannot make the live

This will be a class to delve a little deeper into the weekly topic, and a chance for you to ask any questions that have come up. 

I will be sharing my own experiences, knowledge and channelling what is needed 

  • A 160-Page Manual (made up of the workbooks)

This will be send out as a high-quality document at the end of the course, so you may have the manual printed if you wish

  • 3 Sacred Healing Ceremonies

(3 Sunday Evenings 6:00 - 9:00pm - 10.01 / 31.01 / 28.02)

RECORDED for those who cannot make the time

We will journey DEEP using cacao medicine (the heart-opener), movement medicine, and energy work - to release the things holding us back, to connect us to our inner LIGHT, open our HEART and fuel our inner POWER.

I will share Light Language Transmissions from the stars - sacred codes of light offering your soul memory activation 

  • Daily Rituals, Meditations & Movement Practices to honour your being

These will not be compulsory, this is YOUR journey. I will be offering you suggestions and tools to enhance your experience.

  • 2-Week Cacao Dieta

This will be shared during Weeks 3 and 4 to support our deep healing journey - it is totally optional (non-compulsory)

  • A support network for ALL beings on the course via a private Facebook group

--- to connect with the like-minded beings, who will be journeying with you… offering you COMMUNITY 

  • Optional Extra: 1 private mentoring session £111 - usually £150) 

    • // This is Option 2: £333 Total \\



Part 1 (Weeks 1 & 2)

Journeying into all that you are

Exploring the magic of YOU 

From the magic of your BIRTH to the mantra that is your name

Discovery of the true self - who you are, where you are from & why you are here

Remembering YOUR purpose / mission on earth in this lifetime

Accessing & welcoming your unique gifts / medicine

Activating Your Soul

Becoming a channel

Inviting All That Is Meant For You 

Discovering & Designing Your Unique Spiritual Tool Box

Connecting With Your Soul Family 

Connecting To Your Higher Self 

Connecting & Working with Your Spirit Team 

Activating Your INTUITION 

Learning To Listen. Learning How To Read Signs. 

Learning HOW You Sense

& more...


Part 2 (Weeks 3 & 4)

Removing The Blocks & Healing The Wounds

Connecting With Mother Earth & Your Body

Falling In Love With The Dark

Learning The True Meaning Of ONENESS

Healing Lack of Self-Worth & Reclaiming Your Power

Healing Money/Energy Blocks & Welcoming Abundance 

Healing Fear of Being Seen & Stepping Into Your Light

Healing Unhealed Trauma & Clearing What Binds You / Holds You Back

 Ancestral, Past Life, Inner Child, Learned Ways & Fears...

Releasing The Need To Be "Perfect"

Learning To Trust & Surrender


Part 3 (weeks 5 & 6)

Birthing The Dream & Being In Service

Creating soft but firm boundaries as an empath/sensitive 

Honouring Your Time & Energy

Being ok with saying NO

Balancing masculine & feminine energies

Honouring Your Natural Flow & The Cycles of Nature

Accessing passion & drive

Becoming a heart-led leader & wayshower

Learning from MY mistakes instead of your own!

Learning to channel, not replicate 

Creating unique offerings to share with the world 

Creating a soul-full and abundant business 

Creating the life of your dreams

I won't pretend this journey is all light and love... far from it! 

Prepare to go deep. 

To journey to the deepest darkest parts of yourself, and your soul. 

To invite a planting of sorts, to rebirth yourself - stronger and more connected than ever before!

This journey is an invitation for transformation, and transmutation of all that prevents you living in your light and your power.

This journey will not only help you connect to the guide and healer inside, but it will help you help others do the same...




** First & most importantly those feeling called ** 

Healers / those already in service (teachers/healers/practitioners)

Those feeling called to be in service or become a lightworker/healer/teacher

Those feeling a soul-calling towards change... 

Those called to a more spiritual path

Those wishing to make their passion their life’s work but feeling stuck/trapped

Those struggling to birth their ideas / dreams

Those in service but struggling to move forward / find clientele

Those struggling to believe they can achieve their dreams

Those feeling disconnected/lost/in transition…

Those wanting to strengthen their connection with their higher selves, and/or their spirit team

Those ready for CHANGE

The sensitives, the empaths who want to create a business from the heart but with strong boundaries!

Heart-led leaders & entrepeneurs.



Felicity has spent the best part of a decade (& multiple lifetimes) gaining experience in energy healing and living as a lightworker in this beautiful, crazy world. 


She knows first-hand just how confusing the experience of awakening can be. 

Feeling alive, but uncertain. 

Knowing hope, but lacking trust. 

Feeling connected, but totally isolated.

Feeling an imposter in your own life.


What we need is someone who has experienced their becoming, to be a wayshower. 

Someone who understands us and speaks our language. 

Someone who has experienced the loss it takes to embrace truth. 


Felicity is a light-worker, whole-heartedly in service to Spirit, Mother Earth and the greater good of humanity. She is an intuitive energy healer, that is, a conduit to channel pure light and love from Source. 

Felicity awakened to her abilities to connect with Spirit at a young age, however did not have the understanding or support around her to navigate without fear, so she followed a more expected path for several years - now seeing the importance of these years and experiences in her journey to becoming the healer her soul knew she was.  


In 2008 Felicity found herself being drawn towards the unknown,  something greater, and a more spiritual way of living, but it wasn't until 2012 she truly awakened to what was inside, and what was meant for her.


In 2012 Felicity received the calling to learn Usui Reiki - which she dedicated to immersively yet slowly over 4 years to complete to Master Teacher Level.

Felicity's journey with Reiki had such a profound effect on her life - and so she birthed ookushana Reiki School, where she now seeks to help others connect to their own unique medicine, through a beautiful lineage of remembering. 


Over the years Felicity also trained in Shamanic Yoga, Ancestral Healing, Shamanic Womb Healing, and Sacred Ritual Facilitation.

She works with movement medicine, ancient rituals, elemental alchemy, sound, breathwork and plant medicines.

Felicity is founder of ookushana – Energy Healing School – with a current base in Leeds, England. 

ookushana is a word created using affinity numerology and ancient language, with the purposeful meaning “infinite inner grace”. Felicity’s mission is to help people find this inner grace, which we all seek and deserve. 

Her space is home to many spiritual teachers and healers from around the world, who come to share their gifts with the community. 


Felicity is also co-founder of Womb Awakening UK - working alongside the Earth Angel, Josie Danielle, sharing Womb Healing Retreats & Ceremonies, Internationally.


Felicity's work here on Earth is to help people connect to the healer they are, their unique gifts, their truth and purpose -  and to help bring to light all that prevents free-flowing energy, and living from a place of sweet innocence - our birthright, and the true recipe for happiness.


Over the past 8+ years, and many lifetimes, Felicity has helped clients, friends and family, overcome deep-rooted trauma, behaviours and ailments - her approach most different from any western medicine, allowing for a more subjective, personal relationship and healing with love. 


Her compassionate and caring nature allows Felicity to hold space with love and without judgement for those who are brave enough to seek truth and look within.







Option 1: £222

Option 2: £333 (Including Additional 1-2-1 Mentoring Session with Felicity)



"Felicity's understanding and articulation of the world is such a powerful message, and needed more than ever as we find ourselves in increasingly challenging times. This course shows you how to start understanding and appreciating things differently, discovering the vital role of the intangible, and learning how to respect your innate inner wisdom along the way. The content demands a lot from you, but Felicity guides in a way that allows you to take things at your own pace and really find meaning in your progress (I will be rereading the workbooks forever!) - and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever considered what it might mean to be alive, and how we make the best of it."

Beth, Leeds

"The Lightworker’s course with Felicity is life changing, healing, empowering and sometimes hard but always rewarding!!! I loved it, I was sorry when it ended but know we have created a strong group of people who can always reach out for each other. I'm so happy I did it and will continue to be a participant in healing ceremonies with Felicity as I feel they are so special."

Grace, Leeds

This course has carved out some much needed time for me to go inward. To truly explore my thoughts and feelings and make some additions to my lifestyle which really compliment and I feel the benefit of daily. The course has not only presented me with beautiful external connections within the group but also a beautiful connection to myself. I have felt a little lost over the years and I am a great advocate of traditional therapy, however this lightworkers course has added another, deeper therapy for my healing journey. Thank you, I will look forward to further additions to your Lightworker offerings. This is truly magical.

Katy, Leeds

"Felicity has a wonderful way of creating a safe space with her caring and beautiful energy (whether in person or virtual). She shares lots of helpful, insightful tools and techniques which has enabled me to heal layers of my soul and develop a greater understanding of myself and my purpose. I recommend any training or healing sessions having done several of each myself now with her and valued each one immensely."

Jade, Leeds.


Please email me directly with any questions...


I am so excited to journey together… 


The time is NOW.


With all my love & infinite LIGHT, 


Felicity xxx

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