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About Felicity

"Becoming & Living as a light worker in this crazy, crazy world.
I feel very blessed for the life I have created. And I know that really it is only just beginning to bloom. I am in constant gratitude for the amazing souls who are led to me & ookushana... i've made so many incredible connections and beautiful friendships over the past few years.

In all honesty, outside of ceremony & sessions over the past 6 years or so, I have spent A LOT of time alone. Which I have actually loved, and needed.

I realised I used to find it very hard to be alone, perhaps because I was quite a scared child. I used to see and hear "things" so often, and sadly it only scared me. I struggled to sleep on my own until an embarrassing age & still struggle now at times... at 33!

With the help of others, conditioning & incessant distraction, I managed to block this part of myself for many years, until the universe led me to energy work in 2012.

I now try my best to welcome the unseen, the weird, the wonderful, and to make the intangible tangible. I do so by consciously connecting to spirit every single day. I offer myself as a conduit, a channel & a vessel. And recently this has come before all else in my world, for the most part.


I am very lucky to have a partner, family & friends who understand the dedication needed to do this work. They support me & love me for it (thank you). 

As my abilities & senses have sharpened, my ability to BE in the world has lowered. I would say this is actually true of so many of us, whether we realise it or not - we are all becoming sharper! There is a reason. (Don't ignore it.)
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I have always been a "sensitive" soul, yet little did I know or believe this was actually not a curse, but a gift.This sensitivity essentially enables me to "sense" energy, very deeply & on multiple levels.One of my most heightened senses is that of feeling, of sentience. When I am close to another, I can often feel in my own body what is going on within their body - even the things they may not knowingly sense themselves.


Physical aches & pains, sadness and grief, anxiety and deeper wounds and blockages.This is so very helpful within the treatment room of course, however when I am in large groups & busy places outside of ceremony & space holding - I struggle.

A few years ago, I was essentially forced to stop drinking and guided away from toxic behaviours by spirit - for this I am so very grateful as I've personally seen how destructive it can be, but I also had to remove myself fully from social situations for a while, which was extremely hard. I had to wave goodbye to the life I had known for so long, and this meant losing closeness with many friends. I felt confused, bereft & I grieved my life.
I spent a large portion of my late teens & early 20s being what I thought was "a great friend/partner" - always being there, helping, helping, helping... but what I eventually realised was that I was helping everyone apart from myself ... and actually I was not ok. I was totally lost. I was beyond codependent! I was desperately fearful no one really cared about me & felt forever let down.But the only person letting me down, was ME!It took some frightful experiences to force me from this safety net which was in reality a very dark void.
As I have come closer and closer to my true self, I am now able to understand the hows & whys... and of course I now see that need to help others came from a pure place, as it is absolutely what I am here for. BUT i had to help me first. So the healing journey truly began...
I don't pretend I now have it all figured out, and any healer/person who thinks they do is desperately mistaken! This journey is infinite! But what I have found is that through healing myself I heal others, and through healing others I heal myself.

I invite you to explore what you see as your curse... write it down. And brainstorm all the ways it is positive. Could this so-felt curse actually be your gift?