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Testimonials & Praise

Beautiful words from beautiful clients & students...

"Felicity is a pure soul filled with much light, who is engaging, compassionate and credible to the light workers community. She is no ordinary master/teacher/trainer, Felicity exudes a power that is loving and guiding to those who are new to the practice in a safe protected and wonderful space. Felicity not only helps you learn a life-altering gift, but she encourages you to find your own authenticity in Reiki.

ookushana offers a variety of courses, programs and healers/teachers to help heal and find your place in this world. I am thankful that this is literally on my doorstep and i can go to many more. I have been interested and studied the holistic side of life for years, been to many different places and people, i can honestly say this has been the most life changing and wonderful experience and cannot recommend ookushana and what they offer and deliver, enough! I have done my Reiki level 1 and thoroughly excited to venture on a new path with Felicity's helping hand."

Rupi, Leeds

"I’ve joined Felicity for rituals, healings and reiki training and I whole-heartedly recommend any of her offerings to anybody and everybody!

Felicity is a pure, beautiful being, who is open, vulnerable, powerful and strong, all at once. Her integrity and honesty are humbling and the love she pours out into the world is magic.

The spaces that Felicity create are so welcoming that, as long as you have an open mind and an open heart, I can guarantee you will come away with more than you came with – from new ideas and practices, to a sense of true healing and power, the results are tangible and unquestionable. I am so glad that I have found her."

Dot, Leeds

"It's magic!

I wasn't feeling right. I chose Felicity after a friend recommended Reiki and I saw she was local to me and had good reviews. I had my doubts about the process and went to my first visit carrying a dose of scepticism.

But I definitely felt something happen to me during the session and, after a second visit, I experienced a period of real peace, the like of which I've not felt for some time.

I have no idea of the hows and whys but, for me, it works. Felicity is lovely and her workshop is a wonderfully quirky space - find it just behind the betting shop in Chapel A."

- Ray, Leeds

"WOW, I don't know where to start with sharing my experience. It's such a special and magical place, ookushana. Felicity is an absolute angel, such a kind and caring soul with extreme talent.

I am new to Leeds and with a house move and change of city/career, my anxiety showed up aggressively, knocking me off my feet. For once I am grateful for these overwhelming feelings, as it guided me to ookushana and Felicity.

When I read the previous review I chuckled reading that she had become obsessed. I raise my hand and say guilty to that! I can't get enough of private work with Felicity and attending many different workshops! My learning and healing feels like it's fast tracking, I thoroughly enjoy it all too!

The aftercare off Felicity has been incredible too, she has checked in on me and also given me recommendations of meditation, reading & video material.

I cant thank the ookushana team enough. Huge love to Felicity & her team 🦋💕"

- Katy, Leeds

"Beautiful, from the heart , authentic and magical!
i cant recommend enough!"

- Kelly, Leeds

"I did my Reiki level 1 training at ookushana. The environment was lovely, the group was great and Felicity was an amazing, flexible, kind and caring teacher! I felt very safe and supported there, and hope to go back very soon!"

- Jezemin, Leeds

"This week I finally met Felicity for my first healing experience...I say finally because I had been looking forward to meeting her for so long! From the moment I saw her I felt like I was meeting an old friend and someone very special. I felt safe and supported as I explained how I was feeling and shared everything with her. The healing itself was amazing, I left afterwards feeling light, hopeful, relieved, things I haven't felt in a long time. I know I have a long way to go on my healing journey, this is just the beginning, but I feel so grateful for having found Felicity and being able to work with her on this. Thank you so much. I am sure this is just the start of things but wanted to express my gratitude now as yesterday meant such a lot to me ✨ I would recommend 100%, Felicity is a true angel and healer, dedicated to her life's work, incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring."

- Rose, Manchester

"Words can’t describe my experience with Felicity for my level 1 reiki attunment. Felicity hands down is the best 🙌"

- Amanda, Leeds

"New to the area and on the hunt for a Reiki treatment I googled. The best google search ever! Having had a number of treatments with Felicity I can confirm she is the best - not only does she have magic hands and energy -she is such a caring, empathetic, patient and understanding person who I automatically felt open and warm to.
I have since undertaken my Reiki Level 1 training at ookushana with Felicity which was magical and I am now on my own little journey, constantly supported by Felicity. Im in no doubt I will continue with my Level 2 and there is none else I would rather follow this journey with.
The problem is Im now addicted to ookushana - booking more a more workshops from which I can learn and grow from.
I 100% recommend seeking out ookushana & Felicity!"

- Georgina, Leeds

"I attended the Cacao Ceremony & Divine Feminine Flow Workshop which was truly beautiful. Felicity is a true inspiration and speaks with so much love and wisdom. It was wonderful to share the evening with women who are on the same path and it was empowering as we each shared our stories and intentions in such a safe place. Would highly recommend 💕"

Kelly, Sitges

"I first found Felicity and Ookushana in 2016 when I had hit the bottom of a negative spiral and wasn’t in a very good place.
Through Felicity’ care, wisdom and incredible healing using Reiki and her intuitive guidance I began my healing journey.
Fast forward to now...I have completed both Reiki Level 1 and 2 attunements with Felicity at the Ookushana School Of Reiki and I’m living the life of my dreams... such a contrast to where I began.
The level and depth of thought, kindness, love and education shown by Felicity in her teaching and her healing treatments is amazing.
I can’t thank her enough for all of her help and support, such a beautiful soul."

Kat, York

"Thank you so much for another magical night. I love spending time in your gorgeous space and am thoroughly grateful for all the assistance you guys provide me with on my healing journey. I’ve had so many mind blowing and life affirming experiences with Felicity at ookushana... so very, very grateful for you right now.

A stunning little space with great energy. Simply beautiful."

- Eva, Leeds

I" recently had my first reiki session with Felicity from ookushana and found it to be one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had so far in a Reiki session. As a reiki practitioner myself, I recently felt called to get some reiki off someone else- I’m so glad I went to Felicity. Within seconds of her starting the session I felt the most energy I’ve ever felt and so light at the end of the whole session. Felicity is a very gentle, knowledgable and open individual who I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you!"

- Baljinder, Leeds

"Never felt better.

Many people know what Reiki is, many people regularly have Reiki healing, this review is not for those people.

This review is for people like me. The skeptics. The logical thinkers. The 'if you can't prove it, it doesn't exist' people. The people for whom spiritual healing has never been an option, people who consider it mumbo jumbo or pseudo-science, or just complete rubbish. For the people whom the concept of cleansing your energy is so foreign to you, then I can assure you that I was the same, but I thought I’d try it as I was curious and I’d tried everything else.

I can honestly say, I couldn’t believe the results. I’ve had three treatments so far, and after leaving the first two, I felt on top of the world. During a particularly difficult time in my life, I felt I needed healing, the kind of healing that Western medicine had failed to deliver.
But it was the third session that got me. I got upset for no apparent reason. I left with the worst headache I’d ever had. I was dehydrated. Then later that afternoon, something changed in me, a change that was so profound and intense, that it left me – a big, bearded skinhead who never cries – weeping. I can’t tell you what it was, I can’t tell you the process of what it did because I honestly have no idea. All I can tell you is that decades worth of pain that built up since childhood melted away and I felt reborn in a sense. You probably think this all sounds like hippy nonsense, but you very rarely meet a miserable hippy. I have booked in for a fourth session.

If you are like me, if you have felt a weight that you have been carrying for so long is finally too heavy, if you feel that no matter how much counselling or therapy you’ve had doesn’t seem to lift it, if you feel that there is something that, whilst you can’t explain it, has been bothering you for so long, I would invite you to just try it. It’s not expensive, it doesn’t take long, and if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work, and you haven’t really lost anything.

I can only tell you my experience, it will likely be different for you. But if it works, you’ll feel like a million dollars. If it works, you’ll feel as though you’ve been cleansed inside and out. If it works, and if you go in to this with positivity and an open mind, then you won’t believe the results.

If I were to describe in one short sentence what Reiki did for me?
It set me free."

- Andrew, Leeds

"I've been seeing Felicity for over a year now for sessions of Reiki, all i can say is that it's profoundly my changed my life. Not only does she work magic on my energy body chakras but the sincere talks before and after have had such an impact on being able to integrate what i receive and uncover through the Reiki. Every session has been so powerful, helping with physical symptoms as well anxiety. I have gained clarity and direction in my life over the past year through the sessions. So much so that it has inspired me to learn Reiki myself with ookushana and i cannot wait to begin my journey of healing. Couldn't recommend this angel highly enough."

- Demi, Leeds

"I went to Felicity for reiki treatment last year and immediately felt like she genuinely cares about helping and healing in a holistic way. The treatments were incredible and she has an amazing ability to work intuitively.

I've also done level 1 and 2 reiki training and felt really supported all the way through. Reiki has brought a lot of positivity into my life & self healing is a priceless tool to have.

Ive been to some amazing events at ookushana, which I've never come across/haven't seen any others like them in Leeds. Always have beautiful experiences @ookushana. 💕"

- Jeni, Leeds

"On my visit to Ookushana for my reiki attunement and also taking part in a women's empowerment evening, I was blown away by how amazing it is. Not only is it super friendly, but it super magical. Felicity is an absolutely gem of a Goddess, and makes you feel not just like a friend, but also like a family. I would definitely recommend Ookushana as a holistic event space, and as a venue to recharge your spiritual batteries xxx"


- Marissa Pendlebury (Nourishing Routes)

"Felicity is an exceptional reiki therapist. I've had 4 reiki sessions with her and each time I've felt the deep benefits and have been completely at ease discussing the various sensations and emotions with her afterwards. Felicity doesn't just go through the motions like some reiki practitioners I've had experience with, she expands on it and adds her own unique touches to this special practice which makes each session an enjoyable experience. She also would never dream of rushing. I particularly enjoy the cleansing practice of the burning of sage at the end of each session. I would highly recommend reiki with felicity, I certainly haven't had the same experience with anybody else."

- Cheryl, Sydney

"I have so far had two Reiki Sessions I have another booked for next week.Felicity is so welcoming and accommodating. A really peaceful experience from start to finish. During the treatment I felt as if I was transported into deep meditation extremely easily and could see colors and patterns throughout. The day after my first treatment I felt like my energy was totally lifted.The best way I can explain the treatment is.. Felicity's healing is a massage for the soul."


- Mal, Leeds


"I was n am Blessed to receive Reiki from this Jeidi Master! I genuinely believe that Fliss helped me remove tension and energy which inturn allowed me to be able to attract my dream career role.

The calm and tranquility received not just from a session with her however the consultation and chat really shows she cares deeply about what she's doing and this all allows a great vibe when around her.

I also had a mate who she cleared their lower Chakra and to coin a phrase "It was a Spiritual Colonic Irrigation" haaaaa

Keep up Blessing your Goodness with One n All

Peace & Light :-D x"

- Ben, Leeds

"BEST reiki I've ever had!! After my first session I felt unbelievable and on such a high. We connect very well together! You are amazing just wish you lived closer so I could get it more often *cough movetolondonplease cough*"

- Gemma, London 

"I have had numerous reiki sessions with Fliss at ookushana and each session has been tailored completely to my personal requirement. She goes above and beyond, not only to make you feel comfortable and welcome but to explain the process and anything else you would like guidance with.
The service given comes from the heart and it is clear it is done because Felicity has a very special gift to share with the world. Would highly recommend ookushana to everyone."

- Victoria, Leeds

I have just completed my Reiki 1 course with Felicity - a truly beautiful, magical experience. Felicity is beyond inspirational and created an honest, safe and magical environment for the group. The people I have met are wonderful, and I am excited to stay in touch and continue our Reiki journey together. Felicity’s teaching made me feel so comfortable, and as someone who doesn’t always speak much in a group, I felt like there was absolutely no pressure - I could be myself and felt entirely at ease. I couldn’t recommend ookushana more - a truly unique and special experience which has started a journey I’m so excited to continue!

- Hollie, Leeds

"From the moment you step through ookushana's doors you are transported to a mystical, magical haven which exudes warmth and light.

I recently completed my level 1 Reiki training with Felicity, who is the most inspiring and welcoming guide. Her honest style of teaching encourages each individual to find their own truth within their healing, and to tap into their own intuitive wisdom and gifts, following ‘the way that is no way’, which I simply love.

ookushana also connects you to the most wonderful facilitators to provide an incredible variety of workshops. I attended a breath work ceremony with Lisa Li ,which was one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had. I only wish I lived closer so I could attend every event! If you seek meaningful & life-changing positive transformation, ookushana is the place you must go."

- Melisa, Manchester

"I've been lucky enough to receive Reiki treatment & training from Felicity. I'm a firm believer that the world is full of magic, but Felicity and the ookushana space are further proof that magic exists. Felicity herself is so welcoming, warm, and holds the most beautiful space as soon as you walk in the door. I had never received Reiki before and she immediately put me at ease. Receiving Reiki from her was the lushest form of self care combined with deep healing.

After my treatment, I knew I had to learn more about this magic and I'm so glad I did. Felicity has such an honest and safe way of facilitating. Even in a group setting, I felt seen, heard, and appreciated.

Whether a skeptic, new to the healing world, or just want to see what this Reiki this is like, I can't recommend ookushana enough."

- Meredith, USA

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