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Brand New Online Course


Divine Feminine Alchemy & Sacred Sexuality Journey 

This will be a healing, activating and empowering journey to explore our Divine Feminine Essence and the limitless alchemy within our sacred sexual centre! 

We journey with the wounded feminine, sexual shame,

societal conditioning and ancestral imprints



This one is for my sisters! 


Over these past few years I have been on a deeply healing journey within my feminine energy, my sexuality, sensuality, and sacral centre.

I have unveiled traumas I didn’t know were there. 

Traumas I had unintentionally buried so deep. 

Traumas that shook me to my core and catapulted me into darkness. 


I had no choice but to surrender. 


I allowed myself to be planted, to descend and root into the darkness, so I could go through this intense healing journey held by Earth mother  - embracing the “death” of all I’ve been and all I’ve known, before I welcomed my rebirth, my rising, my breaking free… 


This was my unbinding.


I journeyed deep within my wounded feminine, deep-rooted sexual shame, societal imprints & conditioning, and ancestral burdens

-  with the a soul-led intention to welcome a new version of myself to the foreground. 


A version of myself that continues to

heal, grow, and blossom. 

The Unbound Version. 


The Divine Feminine.

The Conscious Lover. 

The Sensual Being.

The Cyclical Womban.

The Embodied Femme.

The Wild Goddess.

The Sovereign Being.

The Sacred Rebel.

The Nurturing Mother.

and so much more... 

We don't have to choose. 



As I journeyed with Sacred Plant Medicine in back in 2020,

I was guided to sharing this course

around Divine Feminine & Sexual Healing. 

It flowed through me as I moved my body. 

As I held myself. 

As I felt my own activation. 


I was asked to share the medicine that has supported my own healing process. 

The movement practices that have awakened my sensuality. 

The rituals that have ignited my sacral power. 

The light codes that have healed my trauma and brought me back into truth.

The wisdom that was buried.  


The plant teachers guided me that this course would not only help all women who are called to journey with me, but it would also invite my own healing process to accelerate. 


And so it is…


We heal together, sisters. 


This will be an activating, awakening and empowering journey to explore our Divine Feminine Essence and the alchemy within our sacred centre! 


I am offering this course to ANY woman feeling called to become UNBOUND. 

I know the incredible POWER of this work because it has shifted my own life in more ways than I can count, and no doubt in more ways than I recognise...




A 7-Week Online Journey

Exploring Divine Feminine Alchemy

& Sacred Sensuality

Journeying from the comfort and safety of your own home/sacred space - and at your own pace


Group Ceremony

Guided Personal Rituals

Alchemical Journaling 

Movement Medicine


Embodied Healing

Shamanic Journeying

Energy Healing

Potent Light Language Transmissions

Light Code Activation 

Serpent Alchemy Codes

Healing Ancestral Patterns & Wounding

Required Devotion: 

= 2.5 - 3 Hours per week for Ceremony

plus at least 2.5 - 3 Hours for Personal Ritual & Journaling 


// However please note - as all ceremonies will be recorded you are able to journey at your own pace




Lives will be on Wednesdays & Sundays

Wednesdays 7pm - 8:30pm (x7)

Sundays 6pm - 9:30pm (x3)

As always, I will be guided by Spirit (The Divine Mother) rather than over-planning but here is a loose structure:


Opening The Portal: I Surrender To My Unbinding

Healing Sexual Shame & Trauma: I Set Myself Free

Clearing Conditioning & Ancestral Imprints: I Break Chains

Embracing The Dark: I Dance With My Shadow

Reclaiming Sovereignty: I Am My Leader 

Create & Birth: I Am The Creatrix

Soul Essence Expression: I Share My Truth 

Closing The Portal: I Am Forever Unbound

What Is Included?


  • Weekly Ceremonies (2.5 Hours - 3 Hours) 

  • Lifetime Access To The Recordings

  • Weekly Workbooks & Journaling Exercises 

  • A support network / community for all beings on the course 

  • Weekly Homework Exercises & Personal Rituals

  • A Beautiful Spotify Playlist To FLOW to whenever you feel called

  • Reading List - The books that have changed my life!

What Is The Energy Exchange?

Save over £300 if you book within the first 7 days after launch!

Discounted from £1111 to £777 for 7 days only!!!


Optional Extra: 

1-2-1 Sacred Feminine Healing Ceremony (£177 instead of £222) 

Space For This Is Limited 

Must be held before December 20th 2021



“Before I started working with Felicity, I was hugely disconnected from my body and my feminine essence. The question ‘what does your body need?’ was not only confusing to me, it was terrifying and completely unanswerable. That all feels like a distant memory to me now. With Felicity’s gentle and loving guidance, and deep knowledge and wisdom, I have gained the ability to connect with myself and my feminine essence and creativity in ways I could only dream of previously. I recently joined Felicity on her Divine Feminine day retreat which was such a wonderful container for self care, realisation and discovery.


I experienced sensuality, pleasure and connection on a completely mind blowing level. A hugely insightful and life changing experience and I’m forever grateful to Felicity for continually providing such a magical container and safe space for my self development and spiritual growth. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who feels the calling to connect with their inner divine feminine, there is great wisdom to be uncovered.” 

E. L. -Leeds, Yorkshire

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