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Creating Ceremony & Ritual

An Experiential Training 

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"Ritual is a visible act performed with invisible intent"

"LIFE is the ceremony. How we live is the ritual"

It is fair to say our culture has become largely disconnected.

There is disconnection from the world around us, the land – Mother Earth. The Earth is screaming to get our attention… yet we seem to have forgotten the language she speaks.

There is also a lack of true connection between people. We have become less able to give and receive, from a place of authenticity.

There is lack of connection to ourselves, and our souls. An uncertainty of who we really are, and why we are here.

And there is lack of connection to spirit. That which is our very essence, and offers the connection to where we are from, as well as guidance to our lives here on Earth.

Living in disconnect leaves us feeling lost, alone and yearning for HOME. A place we feel we truly belong.

Our society has too become largely individualistic. I, me, my…

And this is a huge part of the problem. We have lost sense of community.Thus, we have lost sense of true connection.

We, humans, have created ceremony and ritual since the beginning of time. The need for both lives within our DNA! We have simply lost our way as a collective, away from the things that truly feed us, and our connection.

It is for this reason, and many others that I share this offering. To help people (re)create connection through ritual and ceremony. For the past few years I have been in deep remembering. I am still remembering!

For me, creating and experiencing ritual and ceremony has gifted what was missing from my life. And I wish to help guide others to do the same.

What Should I Expect?

This course is a beautiful mix of ceremony, exploration, discussion, experience, teachings, and personal inquiry. We will be learning traditions, the many ways of others’, while most importantly connecting to our own source of wisdom, our channel, and learning like our ancestors would have, through experience - as well as honing and honouring our own unique gifts and creative expression.


You will experience various rituals and ceremonies during this training course, thus it will also be deeply healing & activating as well as a learning experience.

What will I learn?


Creating Sacred Space

Connecting to Spirit

Clearing & Protection

Blessings & Vows

Connecting to & working with the Land

Working with the elements

Altar Creation

Working with The Four Directions

Working with The Cycles of The Moon

Healing The Earth

Daily Rituals

Sacred Tools & Plants

Guiding Meditation & Journeying


Sacred Sound & Music

Objects & Symbology

Igniting Unique Creative Expression

Working with The Earths Cycles of Celebration


Who is the Guide?


The course is led by Felicity Weston:International Light Worker

Intuitive Energy Healer

Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Shamanic Womb Healer

Ancestral Lineage Healer

Sacred Sound Healer

Light Language Channeller

Sacred Ritual Facilitator

Shamanic Yoga Teacher

Movement Medicine Guide

Felicity is a light-worker, whole-heartedly in service to spirit, and the greater good of humanity. She is an energy healer, that is, a conduit to channel pure light and love from Source. She trained in Usui Reiki to Master Teacher level, immersively yet slowly over 4 years, which had such a profound effect on her life - and so birthed ookushana Healing School, where she now seeks to help others connect to their own unique medicine. Felicity is also a Shamanic Yoga Teacher and Ritual Facilitator, working with movement, sacred sound, breathwork, elemental alchemy and plant medicines. Felicity specialises in Ancestral Healing - working with the carried energies beyond our lifetime, and the collective wounds within us all. She also specialises in Shamanic Womb Healing & works alongside her dear friend and fellow healer Josie to share Womb Awakening - an International offering - to help women connect more closely with their truth, their purpose, and their sweet innocence – the true recipe for happiness.Felicity is founder of ookushana, a Healing School – with a current base in West Yorkshire, England. ookushana is a word created using affinity numerology and ancient language, with the purposeful meaning “infinite inner grace”. Felicity’s mission is to help people find this inner grace, which we all seek and deserve. Her workshop welcomes many spiritual teachers and healers from around the world, who come to share their gifts with the community. Over the past 8 years, Felicity has helped clients, friends and family, overcome deep-rooted trauma, behaviours and ailments - her approach most different from any Western medicine, allowing for a more subjective, personal relationship and healing with love. Her compassionate and nurturing nature allows Felicity to hold space with love and without judgement for those who are brave enough to seek truth and look within.

Who is this course for?

- Anyone feeling called to bring ritual into their lives

- Therapists, healers and teachers looking to deepen their knowledge of working with spirit & ritual facilitation

- Those feeling called to share ceremonies or rituals with their friends, families & the public

- Those living in disconnect & looking to remember where they are from & why they are here

- Those seeking a deeper connection to the Earth and her cycles

- Those seeking a deeper connection to spirit

What is the Investment?


£464 (including hardback manual

Payment Plans Welcome.

When is the training?

There is an in-person option and a totally separate online option.


Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st April 

Where is the training?

ookushana Workshop

94B Harrogate Road

Please Note//This course will be limited in numbers for an intimate and healing experience

What is included?

- A Working Manual (80+Pages)

- Certification upon completion of coursework

If you are interested in this course – please book below or email Felicity at

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