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I am currently offering 1 online healing journey a week - all are donation based.


Sacred Healing Ritual


Inviting Trust & Abundance

\\ Live Zoom Offering // 

Friday 1st May 7PM BST


Full Moon

Womb Awakening Ceremony

\\ Live Zoom Offering // 

Friday 5th June 2020

5:30pm BST UK


A 3-Hour Online Womb Healing Journey with Felicity Weston & Josie Danielle


Friday 5th June

5:30pm - 8:30pm


** Tiered Donation Offering **

£22.22 (minimum)


£44.44 (maximum)


Join us under the potent energies of Rose Full Moon (in Sagittarius) for an awakening and activating womb healing journey.


As if by magic, our first online Womb Awakening journey aligns with Rose Full Moon - anyone who has attended our ceremonies will know we have never shared without the sacred medicine of the Rose. Her sweet medicine is gentle, soft, strong and deeply feminine - such a divine gift from nature. We trust it was written in the stars.


We cannot wait to join together in sisterhood under the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, falling just a few weeks before Summer Solstice. Energies will be high, healing and activating.

This is also the first in a trio of Eclipses and an invitation to a new path… one that is said to be very different to the one we have been walking. An Eclipse to accelerate our soul journey - and our soul resides within the void of the WOMB. There really is no better time to connect with the sacred space that is the womb, the magical portal that connects two worlds - spirit and physical.

Our offering is a blend of gentle yet powerful, and ancient yet accessible healing modalities, with the aim of releasing suppressed emotions and blocks that prevent free flow, joy and pleasure in all its forms. Womb healing helps to transform the relationship with self, and others - opening us up to deeper compassion, connection and love.

This ceremony will be a journey of the sacred, supported by the heart-opening plant medicine cacao, heart-womb breathwork, intuitive and embodied movement, womb activations, crystalline sound and channeled light language transmissions.

We will work with the medicines found in stillness and movement, sound and silence, darkness and light. Working with the dualities of love, life and healing. Our intention and mission - to guide women to walk the path of truly knowing themselves. To understand the beauty and power that lies within. To trust that they already have everything they need inside. To come back to the place from which we all came, the womb - and the womb of the divine mother. For the womb holds the key to activate and reawaken us to our deep feminine power.

No experience is necessary to join. Just come with an open heart, and a call and willingness to receive and heal. You will be guided with love and tenderness throughout the entire journey.

The beauty of connecting online is that we may explore sacred (and perhaps totally new) practices within the comfort and privacy of our own space, whilst still connecting with others. Many have shared how they have felt safe to fully surrender in their own space, so it feels like a beautiful opportunity to gently step into womb work.



This offering is for women only. However it is suitable for ALL women at any stage of life - even when we no longer have a monthly cycle our body is always connected to the cycles of nature. Womb work is extremely helpful for those who no longer have a physical womb – as we all hold the energetic imprint of the womb within us, and so we can still connect with the magic – a portal that not only births life, but our dreams into reality!

Womb work is particularly beneficial for women who are experiencing disconnection from their femininity, body, sexuality or their life. As well as those who are experiencing fertility issues, an irregular menstrual cycle, menstrual pain, and any other physical imbalances in the womb, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids or endometriosis. This work is also very supportive for those who have experienced sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion or childbirth trauma.



- A quiet and private space where you will be undisturbed (ideally with strong WiFi)

- A yoga mat or rug (movement is fairly gentle)

- Comfortable and loose clothing - wear something that makes you feel good and FREE! Nothing too binding

- Any props to make your experience more comfortable as you will be sat for long periods of time (e.g. meditation/floor chair, bolster, cushions, blocks)

- An eye pillow and blanket for the sound healing (It is also advised to have an extra pillow to go underneath your knees for lower back support and comfort)

- Headphones

- Notebook/journal and pen

- At least 1 candle (fire is the element for transmutation, and helps us to bridge our connection to the spirit world)

- An offering for Spirit

- This can be anything that feels right for you, ideally something tangible: ideas include, something from nature, crystals, flowers, food, drink, coins, ribbon, a hand-made gift - ideally this will be a hearty offering, something you are happy to fully GIVE

- Palo Santo/Sage/Incense and/or an instrument for space clearing

- Water - for general hydration throughout the ceremony

- Rose/Roses

- We advise you to make your sacred space as special as possible - with flowers, candles, fairy lights, crystals - this time is for you. Treat yourself with pure love

- Ceremonial Cacao (Please order this as soon as possible so it will arrive in time)

Our recommendations:


- It is strongly advised to avoid caffeine and alcohol on the day

- Try not to eat for 2 hours prior to ceremony but you may want to have wholesome food/snacks ready for the ceremony closing to help you to ground back into your body with love :)




Meet on Zoom Link 1 by latest 5:25pm so we can begin ceremony on time at 5:30pm

5:30pm Grounding & Heart-Womb Breathwork

5:45pm Cacao Ceremony

6:45pm Intuitive & Embodied Movement Medicine with Felicity

7:30pm Break (To switch to new Zoom Link 2 and set up your space for sound healing)

7:45pm Crystalline Sound & Womb Healing Journey with Josie

8:30pm Close Ceremony

Please note, we will send out the information and zoom links on the morning of Friday 5th June to the emails used upon booking via Eventbrite. We can’t wait to connect and journey with you sisters :)



All Our Love

Felicity & Josie




Womb Awakening // @wombawakeninguk

Felicity Weston // @ookushana

Josie Danielle // @josiedaniellehealing


“As I approach what I believe is a huge milestone in my life, I can say I have been dreading the big "6 ohh" I know that that I was being irrational, but nonetheless I was not happy about it. So I decided to creep out of my comfort zone and try and address my feelings by seeing what a womb awakening ceremony could do to help. No words can express the outpouring of all emotion possible at that ceremony! I was, and still am blown away by the experience. It was truly magical and something I will never forget. I thank Josie and Felicity for creating such a welcoming, safe and loving environment. I have tried so hard to explain to friends just what the experience was like, and how it has left me feeling. I am the same, but different?! I can safely say I will be embracing my special birthday and be thankful that I am lucky enough to BE 60 years of age, with so many wonderful people around me.”

Angela McCullough, General Practice Nurse, Newcastle, Feb 2020


“My first time at a ceremony or an event like this. Even though I am a holistic health practitioner I have never experienced anything like this before and the warm welcome I received was so inviting and reassuring. These ladies are like angels and I put my trust in them immediately! I felt so much lighter after the session and I met some amazing women and 2 amazing healers. If I could, I would do one of these rituals every month. I felt so safe and secure and free in their practice/ space and I would totally recommend the womb healing! I will be looking out for other events there and I feel excited to see them both again as they are definitely key to my spiritual and self development.”

Angela Graham, Leeds, Feb 2020


“Thank you to both of you for such a special day. I felt so held and supported. I left feeling so connected. So many shifts have happened for me since attending the first retreat in December. Yesterday during the light language part of the ceremony, I honestly felt darker energy leaving my body and womb. As soon as hands were placed on my womb I just felt so sad and cried. Then later, again, one of you placed your hands on my womb and I felt the energy leave my womb space and hips. It’s so difficult to explain how I experienced this, and you both more than anyone know how difficult it is to put into words, so perhaps it’s not meant for words :) but I do feel so much lighter, more free and happy.”

London, Feb 2020


“The womb awakening day retreat is a magical journey back to the divine. I didn’t know what to expect but the transformation I experienced was profound. I felt fully supported in releasing all that didn’t serve me and have since felt lighter, more flow, femininity and creativity. It is difficult to put the experience into words but trust that attending will bring you whatever you need”

Aimee, London, March 2020


“I wanted to message to say how magical the Womb Awakening has turned out to be. I was walking around a few days afterwards and felt different but wasn’t sure what it was... So I did a bit of body scanning and realised Id had a real release of tension in my lower abdomen. I also had not one but two lovely dates in the following weeks - mainly because I felt so positive, flirty and really in my power. I feel like someone’s lit a match within me and my heart is open in a way that feels fearless.”

London, July 2019


“WOW! Yesterday I got the absolute honour and pleasure of attending an incredible workshop called womb awakening. The space that Josie and Felicity created was so special, it felt safe and nurturing. They are two very warm and welcoming souls. The sharing circle was powerful and deep, it’s so healing to witness sisters sharing so deeply and being given that space to also share from the heart. Allowing wounds to surface and release. I found the feminine flow very powerful too, I went so deep with the cacao and movement and then wow the sound healing sent me to the cosmos. I definitely floated out of the venue hehe. I’ve woken up today feeling like a new women. I feel light, so happy, creative, inspired. I just feel this work is so so important and I want every women to experience it. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the experience yesterday. It was exactly what my soul needed and more. Thank you for doing this work!”

Sian Mason, April 2019


“Wow I can’t thank you beautiful sisters enough, feeling so blessed to have been a part of something so special on Sunday. There is so much healing in women coming together sharing and supporting each other through openness and vulnerability for which you held the space perfectly! Aside from the cacao being so delicious, Felicity your flow and intuitive movement really helped me to let go and connect to the divine feminine within & Josie your voice is so angelic combined with the crystal bowls and you’re in heaven! True healing took place and I left feeling like a new women”

Rachael Kelly, April 2019


“It’s hard to find the words to express how life changing this weekend was...I’m not sure there are amazing enough words!! My whole sense of self as a woman has changed (I actually feel my femininity for the first time ever). The way we all came together so effortlessly and flowed, it was beyond magic and I’m still integrating it all. When I got home my friend had left me a little rose bush on my step as a thank you for helping her out...I cried at the gift and loved the synchronicity! I keep smiling about the whole experience and the beautiful souls who connected, I’ve never felt sisterhood before and I’m so very grateful to you for creating such magic, you’re both incredible!! Love you sisters”

March 2019

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