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Please Note: All live events postponed until further notice // Due To Corona Virus

I am currently offering 1 online healing journey a week - all are donation based.


Sacred Healing Ritual


Inviting Trust & Abundance

\\ Live Zoom Offering // 

Friday 1st May 7PM BST


A Healing Experience

\\ Live Zoom Offering // 

Friday 24th July 2020

7pm BST UK

💫Connecting to the Healer Within – a workshop for deep healing.

💫Join YK LIVE and Felicity Weston - Founder of Ookushana Healing School for a LIVE Self-Healing Experience.

💫Felicity is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher. Find out more about Felicity at

“True power is living the realisation that you are your own healer, hero and leader”
~ Yung Pueblo

💫In this session we connect to the healer within, through ritual, movement medicine & hands-on healing.

💫This offering is a journey to remember the golden nugget of wisdom; “We are our own healers”, and everything we seek, is right there inside of us. In truth, there is nothing external, that can “cause” healing - it can only promote our own healing abilities, those which are innate within us. Our body is continuously healing itself, however sometimes this system can become out of balance due to blockages, which can lead to physical manifestations & ailments.

💫Join Felicity to explore the world of energy and life-force, that which is all-knowing, that sees and understands the cause and the cure of all. The energy that is wisdom itself.

💫Explore the chakra system, learn how energy can become blocked and how it can be released to flow freely. Learn multiple simple tools to clear, heal and activate our energetic system - to keep our energy flowing in, around, and out of us - just as it should.

• Ritual
• Meditation
• Connection
• Energy Healing
• Movement Medicine
• Self-Care

💫This workshop is inspired by Reiki, supported by the beautiful lineage of Usui, and fuelled with ancient shamanic tools and tradition.

💫This healing experience is a gift to yourself. Reconnecting to the healer within is not only taking back your power, for your personal health and wellness, but also a crucial and beautiful step in the journey back to wholeness.

A note from Felicity

“My aim as a teacher is to help people remember all that they are and the magic they hold, to help activate their unique gifts, and to help lead them back to their truth.”

Energy Exchange // £20

More online offerings coming soon... 

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