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Resistance, Darkness & Fear 🌟⁣

Oftentimes it is the thing(s) we resist that we need the most🙏🏼⁣

So let us ask ourselves, on the 1st day of the 11th month - a day which signifies a return to darkness in our outer

world... ⁣

🌟What is it that scares me? What makes me feel uncomfortable? What triggers me? What takes me out of my comfort zone?🌟

Write it down. ⁣

THIS, or embracing this, is what holds the most medicine for you.⁣

The magic elixir that can set you free. ⁣

Let's take a deep inhale of courage & step in. Without rushing... but continually pushing self-created boundaries that feel to keep us safe. ⁣

In truth it is fear that keeps us stuck... not safe. Let us not allow fear to prevent us from truly living... truly being in the moment. ⁣

Behind our fears are our greatest gifts & our truest self... ⁣

Here I am at the summit of Black Butte, looking over to Mount Shasta - The Root Chakra of the Earth. ⁣

It is the Root Chakra that, when blocked or imbalanced, can lead to fear... and fears show up in the strangest of places sometimes... they may be very subtle or absolutely life-controlling. ⁣

One thing is certain - we all have them. ⁣

The opposite of fear is trust... ⁣

And trust feels to be so much harder than it should be in this world. ⁣

If we struggle to trust... let us ask ourselves, what fear is connected to this lack of trust? ⁣

Where does this fear originate? ⁣

What is the source of this fear? ⁣

Is it mine? Or a learned behaviour? ⁣

Or is it the result of an experience? ⁣

Then go into it...⁣ sit with it.

Embrace it. Heal it. ⁣

The truth is we only need trust the process. ⁣

Not a thing, not a situation, or a person. ⁣

Simply that everything that is, and everything that happens - or "could" happen, is what is meant. ⁣

It is far easier to trust the process when everything is going swimmingly. The real test is trusting when everything seems to be crumbling around us. ⁣

Let us remember, it is earthquakes that create mountains. ⁣

With love always, Felicity ⁣

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