The Way That Is No Way

The Way That Is No Way🌟

This was a message - a beautiful gift in fact - channelled by Liv Kontomble Medicine during my Ancestral Healing training, and wow, it has really stuck with me...

"The way that is no way"

Even writing it gives me shivers!

It transfers to so much, if not everything.

I feel it strongly in my bones, in every cell of my body, and deep within my soul. Particularly with reference to teaching.

How many times have you been told "you are doing it wrong", "do it this way"... "that's not how I was taught"... and so on.

Don't get me wrong, guidance from elders, teachers, lovers and friends is often offered with love, but who decided what way was the right way, for anything?

And how?... & when?!

Consider a time before "manuals" and learning books existed. A time when we had only our elders and our experiences as our teachers. A time when actually most elders would encourage experience as the optimal learning tool. A time when time was spent more freely, without fear. When life was understood to be an opportunity to learn and experience.

In honesty, we all know we only truly learn through our experiences - yet so often we seek outwardly.

Perhaps our busy lifestyles has some effect. The convenience of Google & Youtube in showing us "how" - and quickly.

So we can "get on with it"!

Ahhh presence. Where are you?

And patience... please come back to us🙏🏼

Yet it is also our lack of self-belief.

When you follow the way of another, what you unconsciously block is your own intuition & connection to your higher self. Your innate and abundant inner wisdom, and the channel which connects you to universal consciousness - that which is all knowing.

You are also blocking your natural abilities, your truth, your own unique gifts & your unparalleled potential!

Ughhhhh! It makes me so sad to think how many of us don't realise our potential, and our gifts. We have been over-guided, indoctrinated in some respects. We have lost faith in ourselves and thus, for so much of life, we seek to be "shown". This is particularly prominent here in the West.

So where did we lose our way? I suppose it's the chicken or the egg conundrum.

What came first, convenience ... or the fall of consciousness?😂

I have been taught. A LOT.

I have taken so many exams... and written multiple dissertations - mainly dissecting the work of others. Which I found interesting of course... to an extent. And yes of course I learned things along the way,

But I can tell you with absolute certainty (something I almost never boast) I have learned more through my experiences, through healing, connecting and being still - than in my entire schooling and university degree and masters combined!

It has actually taken shedding, unlearning and unconditioning, and much much healing, to find clarity, and have true faith in my myself and my offerings.

One of which is teaching others. And I do not take this role lightly. Quite the opposite.